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Just A Little lyrics


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     Just A Little
    >> Eminem
        Sexy everything about you's so sexy,
    You dont even know what you got.
    you're really hitting my spot, oh yeh yeh
    And you're so innocent,
    please dont take this wrong coz its a compliment,
    i just wanna get wid you girl

    work, just a little bit hot,
    just a little bit neat,
    in the middle let go,
    just a little bit more,
    (just a little bit)
    gimme just a little bit more,

    Let me,
    i'd do any thing if you just let me,
    Find a way you make you smile,
    i kno you wanna break down those walls (yeh yeh)
    and its so challenging,
    getting close to you is what i'm imagining,
    i just wanna see you get down,
    you gotta let it all out (oh baby wont you)

    x 2

    its so exiting the way your inviting me,
    (i kno you really like it like that ooohhh aaahhh)
    cant get enough cant you satisfy my needs yeh


    just a little bit more

    chorus x 2

    sexy everthing about you so sexy
    you dont even know woooohh
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